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Ladies Nordic Walking in York
Man Nordic Walking in York Countryside

Yes, everyone is welcome at Nordic Strides; whatever your age, fitness level or goal Nordic Walking is unique in that it is beneficial for all.


Nordic Walking can reduce stress on lower joints by up to 20%, making it a great form of exercise for anyone with hip, knee and foot issues who would normally find exercising difficult.


Nordic Walking has also been proven to help with weight loss, diabetes and blood pressure problems, and depression.


Nordic Walking is also recommended for women following reconstructive breast surgery, helping to strengthen the upper body muscles. Also, the action of the arm movement during Nordic Walking helps to aid lymph drainage, helping those suffering with Lymphoedema. 


For the fit amongst you, Nordic Walking provides a fantastic all over body workout, helping to strengthen and tone the legs, bums, core muscles and bingo wings!


Nordic Strides classes can get your heart rate up, burning calories and after a great blast with the Nordic Walking poles you feel invigorated and energised!

Mobile: 07912 867 823

Mobile: 07912 867 823


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